Randwick Church of England School .:

Alpha Wellbeing Associates has collaborated with Randwick primary school on many occasions.


Belinda delivered a twilight staff meeting followed by a joint inset on staff wellbeing with Haresfield earlier in the year.

An exciting development has been the work with the infant department lead by class teacher Robyn Aldous. Based on the key stage two resources Belinda wrote entitled The Mental Health Handbook for Primary School a new set of lessons for infants has been trialled.

randwick3The first step was to revisit the class rules and negotiate a group agreement to keep everybody safe. Robyn made this fun for the children by getting them to make hand prints around the rules as their sign up to the agreement. She reported that the children were very good at keeping each other on track and reminding people to be kind and thoughtful at all times. This is particularly important as mental health can stir up all sorts of opinions and views even in the very young.

randwick3Robyn skilfully adapted the lessons to suit the needs and understanding of the children in her classes. Initially the children explored what mental health meant to them, they were then asked to draw pictures, (gingerbread templates were provided) depicting healthy and unhealthy signs and symptoms.

The idea that we ALL have mental health and emotional wellbeing was established through the children forming a continuum which they all stood on. They really enjoyed moving and being active with the lessons.

A reflective activity showed the children it is not always what happens to you but how you feel about it. It was helpful for them to realise that whilst you might be having a bad day today, tomorrow could be really very good.

randwick3The other activity the children really enjoyed was the stress bucket where they had the chance to off load all their worries and capture them to throw away.

Robyn is delivering the lessons again this term and hopefully along with Belinda will be developing a comprehensive package for infant departments to use.

You will find access to some downloadable worksheets in the publications section of the wesbsite.

Alpha Well Being Associates would like to thank Randwick School, the children for all their hard work and especially Robyn for all her contributions in developing this important resources.