Mindfulness Training - Steadings Business Center .:

Belinda from Alpha Wellbeing associates Ltd was commissioned by GHLL to deliver some Mindfulness training for professionals who work with children and young people in Gloucestershire

Belinda developed a two-hour session with Manda Reedman another leading teacher for GHLL. Belinda ensured the group enjoyed a very interactive time with lots of suggestions and ideas they could take back into their settings.

Participants came from primary schools, secondary, further education and also Gloucester Rugby club. Everyone engaged very well and the feedback is summarised below:

  • Gave good overview of subject
  • Some useful activities to do with the children - thank you.
  • Found it very useful starting point to start thinking about Mindfulness.
  • Very interesting and informative.
  • Some good activities Clear and concise.
  • Enjoyed it. Belinda is a great trainer.
  • Good discussion, lots of information, excellent delivery and lots of information gained from other professionals in the room.
  • Fantastic. So many lovely ideas and thoughts to pass on.
  • It made me more aware and relaxed and helped empty my mind.
  • Excellent.  Gave me a detailed awareness of what Mindfulness is all about.
  • Thank you - some useful reminders of activities that could be used with children and staff, plus some new suggestions.
  • A helpful introduction to Mindfulness.
  • Lively, engaging delivery, nice break up of activities/range.  Shame it's rather rushed/crammed into half a day.
  • A great course.  Really enjoying courses with these trainers!
  • Lots of different techniques you can use with children and adults.  Very interactive.
  • Making me stop and think.  Evaluate how we could put this into a school setting.
  • The Mindfulness activities worked really well as they're appropriate to do with all ages.  it was a mindful session, not too long, no paperwork etc.
  • The workshop has given me practical ideas that I will be able to apply to my lessons.
  • Instant meditation.  Drip feeding Mindfulness is so important.  Mind bottle example.
  • The whole thing was good, discussion, videos and activities.
  • I can see how the activities can be used at school and that it does not need to be a long activity. 5 minute activities after playtimes would be good for all ages.
  • Seamless.  The activities were a practical way of showing/demonstrating how Mindfulness works and can be taken back to settings.
  • Made me smile lots!