Consultancy .:

Belinda is very flexible in her approach and happy to work with organisations to determine the best way forward for them to enable needs to be met. She has worked with the following organisations providing consultancy:

  • Mental Health First Aid England
  • Gloucestershire County Council
  • The University of Bristol
  • Stroud District Council (Youth Council)
  • Facts 4 Life
  • Bourton on the Water Primary School
  • West Gloucestershire Support Partnership
  • Adult Education in Gloucestershire
  • Stone with Woodford Primary School
  • Cheltenham College
  • Beresford Group
  • Princes Trust
  • Redfield Educate Together Primary Academy
  • Guru Nanak Sikh Academy
  • Beaudesert School
  • Optimus Educational Confrences
  • Somerset County Council
  • Gloucester Healthy Lifestyles
  • National Education Union
  • Berkhampstead School Cheltenham
  • Via Vita Health
  • Cheltenham Ladies college
  • Youth Sports Trust
  • University of Gloucestershire

Belinda is and has been a member of the Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning Team. This is Gloucestershire’s new version of a healthy schools partnership and consists of a team of leading teachers and other professionals who provide support and guidance for schools working towards gaining their award. Within the team Belinda is the lead for mental and emotional wellbeing and recently developed a package for all team members that they can use when promoting staff wellbeing. This has been very well received as it has increased the capacity within the team. An exciting development for schools in Gloucestershire has been a new Mental Health Champion Award that many schools are striving to achieve. Belinda is often called upon from within Gloucestershire County council by other teams. She has provided sessions to support schools following bereavement or other sudden trauma as well as delivering parents evenings and facilitating classroom activities and assemblies to support health and wellbeing work in schools and colleges

Belinda has had two books published on emotional and mental wellbeing. She is works with an organisation called Facts 4 Life to develop some new resources for all key stages. The focus of the materials is to teach children and young people about mental and emotional health.

Belinda has played an important role in developing school based resources following a piece of work with the University of Bristol. The research demonstrated that when staff receive the training it not only increases their knowledge and understanding of mental health but also impacts on their levels of confidence and competence in dealing with the issues young people present with.                                              

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Belinda works regularly with Samaritans and has formed strong ties with the organisation. She collaborates on a number of projects and works well with various associates including her son Phil Matthews who has completed and delivers the mental health first aid training. 

Belinda and Phil work with Chris Powell and Andy Lewis MBE from Bespoke Mentoring as well as GHLL. Chris has joined the plenary speakers for MHFA England training cohorts. A more recent collaboration is with Jane Bee Safeguarding, however Belinda and Jane have a long association through Gloucetershire County Council.

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