Testimonials & feedback from previous courses.:

Feedback from Courses .:

  • Absolutely fantastic trainer, funny and approachable. I highly recommend Belinda.
  • I loved how Belinda delivered the course, very engaging and interesting
  • Excellent – very informative and easy to listen to – good approach
  • Most enjoyable morning very informative
  • Belinda is very enthusiastic and down to earth which made the points she was trying to get across very easy to grasp
  • Enthusiastic and inspiring, she was excellent vibrant full of life
  • Very knowledgeable - humour kept my interest
  • Never got bored interesting all the way, informative thought provoking and fun and interesting
  • Tackled some difficult areas with sensitivity and retained humour where appropriate
  • Outstanding blend of theory, application and reality
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the courses and have found it very informative
  • Enjoyable, enlightening and helpful course
  • Very enjoyable and informative with time for practice
  • Difficult concepts at times very well explained and illustrated felt very safe environment
  • Belinda has a great sense of humour which I think helps when discussing a sensitive subject
  • Belinda presented very tough emotional issues in a sensitive but informative way, lifting a low mood from time to time - very engaging she made the group feel safe totalk about personal experiences.
  • Great course well delivered
  • Really helpful to have knowledge to use in a practical situation.
  • Signposting and resources that can be used to support families of people with mental health issues.
  • Excellent knowledge, great energy - amusing
  • Made you feel comfortable to ask questions and join in discussions
  • Brilliant, very engaging, fantastic course I’ll be telling others about this course and encouraging them to attend future dates
  • Belinda is an entertaining trainer and made a difficult topic easier to understand
  • Enjoyed training a great deal learnt a great deal
  • An informative course covering difficult issues Belinda was great
  • Belinda is fab makes an emotional course manageable and is a fab leader thank you

Testimonials .:

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials      Optimus Education

Belinda is a passionate, engaging and highly skilled speaker whose popular sessions are always lively, informative and packed with practical strategies. Her mindfulness workshop at our November Staff Wellbeing conference was the most popular of the day. At our Independent Schools' Wellbeing conference, Belinda demonstrated her versatile approach, delivering digitally shortly after the Covid-19 restrictions. Her warmth and interactive style shone through her session on divorce and family breakdown. Positive feedback from school leaders encouraged us to book Belinda again for Child Protection in Education this autumn. I would recommend Belinda for her positive, knowledgeable and thorough approach - she goes above and beyond in providing valuable resources and reading lists for delegates who loved her sessions.

Zoe Llewellyn

Conference Producer

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials      City of London School

Thank you for an informative and interesting 2 days. Belinda somehow managed to convey lots of serious  and potentially upsetting information in a way which was at times uplifting. She has a positive and charming manner and encourages the group to share ideas with some of her stories. 

We had a great two days, Belinda is inspiring - wonderful!

I feel much more confident and would definitely reccomend it Thank you

Belinda was professional, approachable, open and engaging. She reads the needs of the group well and creates a good environment for the course. She listened and responded well and helpfully.

Andrew McBroom

Assistant Head

       Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning Webinars during Lockdown 

Can I just say how valuable I found yesterday's course

Belinda Heaven is a dream! So caring and the course felt like a meeting of old friends :)

I loved the session, I was feeling about a 5/6 when we started and then an 8/9 when we ended

It just made me remember so many things you have shared with me before, and things I have read, and things I can do with our staff in September.

It was a lovely strategic session but I enjoyed it more on a personal level.

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials        Somerset County Council

I can't praise Belinda enough, she was fun, engaging and knowledgeable.

Belinda enabled mental health to be open and I found it easy to ask questions - a great day of learning - amazing

Belinda's knowledge and delivery had a massive impact - brilliant when is the next one?

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials          Via Vita Health

Both Belinda and Phil are an absolute pleaseure to work with and their knowledge and compassion for Mental Health and Wellbeing of others is evident in all they do. We always receive fantatic feedback for all the clients we work with and Belinda and Phil go above and beyond to accomodate and make sure it's just right.

I can't believe they are all finished, we completed the delivery of 8 sessions. We had great feedback. They all found it very informative. Many left the room understanding more about Mental Health and how it can impact different people at different times. Overall, the feeback was fantastic and very positive.

Great feedback again from yesterday's session - Phil just seems to pitch it just right and it is a sensitve subject so we are really pleased again how he has got it across.

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials          Dame Bradbury's School Cambridge

Belinda made a tricky subject easy to engage with and interesting for everyone in the group. Very clear and varied. Best presenter I've experienced in a long time. Belinda was very entertaining, yet extremely knowledgeable and sensitive - a great balance an informative, interactive and enjoyable course. Great delivery and attitude of Belinda on such a difficult issue. 

Belinda was very good at giving a chance to talk about the issues and how they related to our work. I feel more confident about approaching young people in crisis.

Engaging and thorough - great delivery, a good mix of information and discussion of a heavy topic.

 The course was presented in a calm and friendly manner, therefore making the content accessible and interesting.

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials          Alliance for Learning
  • In 15 years in the job, this is by far the best course I’ve been on.
  • Amazing course – fantastic information and exactly what I needed for my CPD
  • Well delivered with lots of great information
  • I’ve really enjoyed it despite it being a heavy subject. It’s been interesting and extremely useful. I love all the opportunities to reflect. Thank you.
  • Really enjoyed the course. Made me feel that we need to do more at school and more input in the curriculum.
  • Although a difficult subject, the course was delivered brilliantly. Belinda was an excellent trainer!
  • Belinda delivered an excellent course and her own experiences and insight was really useful. The day was enjoyable, despite the difficult content that had to be delivered.
  • Very informative – best course for a long time.
  • Belinda was excellent. Extremely knowledgeable and engaging. Thanks very much.
  • Belinda was fab! Very engaging and full of knowledge. Great course.
  • Belinda was a great course leader, really engaging and explored subjects using relevant and relatable cases. Brilliant resources to take and use in settings.
  • I thought Belinda was the best instructor I have had. She was insightful and refreshing a very charismatic person. Content was excellent especially on the second day.
  • I have gained good understanding of mental health first aid. I feel more confident and will feedback information to our school. Belinda was a fabulous trainer and delivered the course in an enjoyable way.

Lisa Fathers

Director of Teaching School & Partnerships

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials      Churchdown School Academy

I just wanted to thank you for the support that you have given to Churchdown School this year. I am confident that, of all the training that we do, your sessions have been the ones that staff have looked forward to and enjoyed the most.

Ms J Hilton 

Assistant Head

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials           Samaritans

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for coming to our branch today and running your session on Mental Health Awareness with such skill, knowledge and good humour. It was all we needed and more. It felt like there was a lot of energy in the room, thanks to you.

 I have been through the feedback which was immensely positive, with comments such as ‘excellent delivery, very interesting/helpful’, 'really enjoyed it and learnt’, ‘don’t know where you found her, but she was excellent’, ‘delightful, lively delivery’ and ‘really useful OGT: Belinda was a great presenter/trainer’.

 We all learned such a lot and had much to think about and take away with us. I feel it will help us a lot when we listen to callers who are struggling with their MH.  

 So thank you once again Belinda, we really appreciated it.

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials          Taunton School

I wanted to thank you very much for a really interesting and informative training day.  I feel I benefitted from it as I am sure from the feedback so did everyone.   

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Saltwells Dudley

Absolutely brilliant, really enjoyed it – normally I a fatigued on a Friday afternoon but I left feeling energised and inspired.

 Could listen to Belinda all day she is very knowledgeable and an entertaining day. 

Fantastic delivery of a difficult subject matter. Thank you, Belinda, you kept it light and interesting

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials Baxter College

Engaging, knowledgeable, funny, and warm Belinda made a difficult topic manageable

Belinda was an excellent instructor, she kept the course up beat. It could have been very hard going but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel more confident in the way I approach and deal with children. I feel more confident in my role

Wow Belinda is extremely knowledgeable and relatable, I could have easily come back for a second day

The instructor’s knowledge base coupled with her delivery included comedy inspiration a d intrigue making it a good training day

What a fantastic course I was slightly dreading it as I felt very ignorant about mental health, but Belinda’s delivery was warm, open relatable and extremely informative.

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Guru Nanak Sikh Academy

Belinda’s vibrancy and positive approach was amazing.

Excellent course, very well delivered – feel more confident.

 Excellent delivery through humour and sharing knowledge. 

Belinda was personable and engaging, she created a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. 

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

The Federation of Newent Schools

Kay Selwyn - Pastoral Leader

A huge thank you Belinda for a fantastic Twilight staff meeting on Staff Mental Health & Wellbeing!

This is just what we needed, the team as a whole have been through some difficult periods and uncertainty coupled with the strains of the new curriculum, ever demanding targets and evidence of impact - its not surprising that we feel, at times, saturated and exhausted. Your session was an absolute tonic and a refreshing way of approach, we laughed, some had tears, but all were reflective, your certainly are the gem we needed.

I honestly can't thank you enough for your time and expertise. We certainly received a piece of 'Heaven' to learn from and move forward.

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Chandlings School

Emily Brawn - Head of Girls, Head of PHSEE

Belinda came to deliver a course at Chandlings School on Mental Health and Wellbeing. She was wonderful to work with straight from the first phone call.

Belinda listened carefully to the objectives we as a school were keen to meet and delivered a lively and very informative INSET. Many of the staff have commented on how the training has led to them reflecting on both their own wellbeing and how best to support the children's.

I have heard a number of staff quoting information they learnt from the INSET in our meetings.

A real success, thank you.

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Jersey Mind and Victoria college conference 2016


Seminar 1 - MHFA in youth settings

  • Very engaging
  • Would have liked to hear more about what to look for in a young person and red flags
  • It was good to see it from a young person's perspective Great presentation and content
  • Used a comedic approach to target some complex issues Belinda is very engaging and fun, and made a very interesting seminar on mental health first aid.
  • Gave recommendations for extra resources
  • Informative, delivered in a fun but serious way
  • Thanks, Engaging & informative
  • More time needed!
  • Good use of humour, powerpoint relevant and useful
  • Belinda should be on the stage
  • She delivered her seminar with great humour, knowledge & empathy

Seminar 2 Understanding & supporting self-harm

  • Need Belinda Heaven to come back and present another talk on self harm.
  • Too short a time to really cover such a complex subject.
  • I was so impressed with the speakers, heartfelt, I feel more aware and motivated to get involved
  • Too quick but great presenter
  • Again Belinda was great - but we did go overtime and miss a lot of slides. Such a large topic may need more time, also to allow for extra discussion
  • Not enough discussion or debate on difficult subject. More intensity to convey information
  • Good presenter
  • Session felt quite rushed. It was interesting & relevant so I would have liked more time to finish the input
  • Very good speaker & brought humour into it
  • More time required - sorry not to see last few slides
  • Very engaging with the audience & knowledgeable on the topic
  • Excellent
  • Very informative
  • Great content & engagement
  • Fab delivery
  • Belinda is excellent
Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Elmbridge Primary School - Gloucester

Manda Reedman - Assistant Head Teacher

Sometimes it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the pressures of school, work and life in general-that’s when you need Belinda Heaven!

Belinda has come to work in our school on a number of occasions, training us in ‘Mental Health First Aid’, which helps us recognise early signs and symptoms of poor mental health and provides us with ideas and strategies for supporting children as soon as possible. She has provided emotional health and well-being workshops for staff; inspiring us, boosting morale and helping us put our lives into perspective. These workshops provide a forum for sharing and discussing issues that might otherwise go undetected.

The staff really enjoyed Belinda’s Primary Mental Health training, which offers practical solutions and activities to support young people. She delivers her training with great humour and in such a way you are encouraged to share your feelings and emotions in a supportive, positive environment.

Belinda is a tonic; just knowing that there is somebody out there that you can turn to is a great comfort. She helps you realise you are not alone and that there are practical things you can do to help yourself and the children in your care.

Everyone needs a slice of Heaven in their school!

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Gloucestershire County Council

Sally Lewis - Commissioning Officer, Adult Education in Gloucestershire

“My role at present is to run the Community Learning Partnerships within Glos and Belinda attends these regularly. Her work around and delivery of MHFA and her extensive knowledge of the Health and Well Being Agenda, working within schools and as part of the GHLLP is always an asset to every meeting,  which are in different geographic areas countywide.

Having worked with Belinda for a while now, she is an incredibly focussed individual, has  successfully built up her Alpha Well Being Associates and makes the time to network and come to our CLP meetings.

Belinda  always responds promptly to any queries / opportunities I may have and is very sensitive yet professional in her approach with a wide wealth of experience and expertise. ”

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

University of Gloucestershire

Dr Barbara Brown - Initial Teacher Education

Initial Teacher Education at the University of Gloucestershire, School of Education is extremely fortunate that Belinda Heaven is willing to accept our invitation to become an associate tutor in order that she can share her knowledge and expertise with PGCE and BEd Primary trainees related to ‘Mental health and well-being in primary classrooms and schools’.  

The focus of the lectures is ‘Mental health and well-being in primary schools’ and she provides an excellent session that is positive and well informed. She is an excellent communicator who relates very well with a large cohort of trainees and who is able to address a highly relevant and serious subject with considerable knowing, understanding, insight and sensitivity. She respects her audience, who are on the cusp of QTS, and enables them to leave the session wanting to bring a positive understanding of ‘Mental health and well-being’ into their knowledge and daily practice as classroom practitioners.

She is highly professional and an excellent role model who addresses ‘Mental health and well-being’ positively and with a great deal of understanding related to the individuality of all children’s needs and the related implications and responsibilities of a class teacher in their daily practice for the mental health and well-being of all children.  It is a key area that we are required to address to ensure that our NQTs are appropriately informed at the outset of their teaching careers so that they can continue their learning in this area as a classroom practitioner.

Belinda makes a significant contribution to our focus on understanding children’s individual and diverse needs in a primary classroom and school with a particular focus on mental health and well-being.

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Taunton School

Course feedback
  • Belinda is clearly passionate about promoting mental health and is very gifted in delivering the training thank you
  • Belinda was an excellent trainer, she made a difficult subject more accessible and created an atmosphere of trust and acceptance between colleagues. I hope this atmosphere will continue and grow.
  • Belinda was an excellent speaker and OI thoroughly enjoyed the course I learned a lot and was not afraid to ask questions
  • I have really enjoyed the content of the course and Belinda has been very articulate and sympathetic ain her delivery it was really useful to see the books and resources Belinda found beneficial and recommended
  • A really helpful and informative course delivered in a thought provoking and engaging style
  • What an amazing course we have new pastoral staff every start of year and I strongly recommend they go on this course or a shorter version of it
  • Belinda gave good and relevant anecdotes that were insightful.
Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Cirencester College

Annabelle Carter

Belinda is one of the most inspirational tutors I have ever had the pleasure to meet! She made the difficult subject of mental health engaging, stimulating and thought provoking whilst ensuring the overall session was extremely enjoyable – time just flew! 

Having organised this training I received a lot of positive feedback from the delegates who attended with me and  would absolutely recommend her services without a moment’s hesitation – thank you Belinda!

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Stroud Beresford Limited

Jill Cooper - Manager
  • Alpha Wellbeing were a pleasure to deal with. Booking the training was straight forward and our team thoroughly enjoyed the event. Thank you.
  • Belinda has a natural ease in her training style that is warm, caring and entertaining.
  • One of the best trainers that we’ve had!
  • Our team came away from a two day course inspired and motivated and more confident about issues that we are likely to encounter.


  • A gentle approach that places mental health issues as a natural part of the human condition.    Mental health issues that have often been associated with fear, stigmatisation and distress are compared to wider (often physical) health issues that may require treatment and management and form part of a spectrum of health experiences that we are all likely to encounter some of during our lives.
  • Belinda’s approach means that serious, often distressing issues, can be discussed in a safe, light-hearted environment.
  • A great course delivered by an enthusiastic trainer who understands the needs of her audience.
Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Prince's Trust

Belinda was a very good trainer, she made you understand the course. She was very good at engaging the whole group.

Belinda’s personality really shines through and she explains everything with good humour and enthusiasm. I feel better about dealing with issues at work now well done Belinda
I felt Belinda was a really talented, effective trainer

Belinda made a heavy subject enjoyable and informative. I was dreading the course but actually really enjoyed it thank you - you are wonderful

Belinda you are an inspiring human with a refreshing outlook on life and topics which are often seen as sombre and difficult to talk about thank you so much
Absolutely loved it

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England

Caroline Hounsell - Partnerships and Business Director

In my experience, training is only ever as good as how the trainer delivers it. You could have the best training package in the world but if you haven't got a good trainer it usually fails to make a decent impact. So for this reason, like most things, I believe in investing in the highest quality trainers and Belinda Heaven is just that!

I genuinely find her interesting, knowledgeable and inspiring. Belinda's experience in the youth sector is second to none and her energy is absolutely limitless! I always enjoy working with Belinda, it just doesn't feel like work, it's effortless.  If you are reading this and wondering if Belinda is right for you, don’t worry, I know she is.

Simply put, Belinda is genuinely one of the best trainers I have had the pleasure to see in action! 

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Learning about Healthy Active Lifestyles Ltd

Angela James - Director

Belinda’s reputation for expertise in the areas of emotional and mental health is so well deserved.

Her passion to pass on her well-informed knowledge and guidance is limitless; her willingness to share her ideas and experience with others is a joy for all who are lucky enough to work with her.

Beyond all else when you have met Belinda you don’t forget what she has shared with you – she is truly a wonderful professional!

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Severn Vale School Gloucester

Jill Evans - Assistant Head Teacher

Belinda Heaven has collaborated with and provided for Severn Vale School on a wide range of Well Being and Mental Health Awareness projects for nearly ten years now.

She is, consistently, one of the best external providers we have. Perennially positive, well informed, approachable and enthusiastic.

She has delivered training on highly sensitive and challenging Mental Health issues for MHFA, run small group counselling style sessions and run highly engaging inset on Well Being and Mindfulness. During SV’s participation with the University of Bristol’s WISE project Belinda was able to provide excellent guidance and training especially in the establishing of our Staff Peer Support Group. 

Belinda is a thoroughly delightful person of great integrity and kindness. We look forward to the next ten years!!

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Sex & Relationships

Rachel McKenna

It is a delight to work with Alpha Well-Being Associates: meetings are always punctual, productive and full of creative thinking. We have collaborated for many years in providing holistic off timetable PSHE days for schools and also delivering training for teachers supporting the delivery of quality sex and relationships education in today’s digital world.

Belinda delivers services which are of the highest quality and training which meets all the learning objectives. Her sessions are both practical and enjoyable, delivered with humour, warmth and integrity – the feedback from colleagues and students amply credits her knowledge and skills.

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Berkhampstead School

Michelle Bareham - Head of Pastoral Care

Thank you Belinda for delivering an engaging, informative and interesting INSET to our staff team today on such an important issue.

The staff found it so useful and many are asking if they can be booked on more of your courses please!

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Gloucestershire Colleger

Joe Baldwin - Head of Learning Support

Belinda is an engaging and enthusiastic training who is able to apply her own knowledge and experiences to add context and depth to training.

Belinda has worked with our management team and frontline staff to provide them with insight, tools and clarity to better support their own practice and enable us to better support our students.

Belinda has a genuine belief in empowering professionals to gain confidence and a deeper understanding of the topic being explored and is able to do this sensitively whilst maintaining high-energy and engagement.!

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Pete Marsh

‘Belinda has been a fabulous mentor she has encouraged me when I have felt insecure and suffering from a lack of confidence, challenged me when over confident or making broad generalisation and been there for me when I have needed her advice and guidance.

Our co-training was the best learning experience I could have asked for’.

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Mental Health First Aid England

Rachel Hunter - National Trainer

"I have had the privilege of working alongside Belinda on a number of occasions and I would say it is rare to come across someone who possesses an effortless ability to put people at their ease so easily.  Belinda is able to command a room and get people learning with an effective blend of anecdotes from her own experiences in the education sector and humour, which is complimented with a warm and genuine smile. 

Anyone would be lucky to experience Belinda delivering training, as she has a plethora of wisdom to draw from to ensure it is enjoyable and engaging from start to end. It’s always a pleasure working with Belinda due to her integrity, diligence and being safe in the knowledge that you WILL have a lot of fun."

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

University of Bristol - Social & Community Medicine

Dr Judi Kidger - Research Fellow

Belinda is working in partnership with researchers at the Universities of Bristol and Cardiff, as an MHFA trainer on the WISE (Wellbeing in Secondary Education) project.

This is a school-based study being run by Dr Judi Kidger, aiming to improve the mental health and wellbeing of secondary school teachers and students. Belinda will be delivering standard MHFA training to staff who will then set up a confidential support and advice service for colleagues, and MHFA training for Schools and Colleges to teachers, to better equip them to support students. Belinda has previously delivered training to schools for the pilot WISE study. T

he training was very well received by school staff, and Belinda was highly regarded as a trainer due to her understanding of the school environment, and her expertise at tailoring the training to meet the needs of those attending

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Raising Awareness Fighting Depression

Dick Moore

"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Belinda on a number of occasions. She is a mine of information and experience and has a lovely, affable presentation style, too.”

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Kate Lee Hereford

Belinda's guidance and expertise meant that I was soon able to gain the skills I needed to deliver training. I was able to co-facilitate the course twice with Belinda which gave me the confidence to start work as an independent trainer.

I've not looked back and her support has been a real boost both personally and professionally.

Alpha Wellbeing Associates Ltd - Client testimonials

Educate Together Redfield Academy - Bristol

Ros Farrell - Head teacher

I have known Belinda for many years in her role as a Gloucestershire Consultant and latterly in her current role. I have found Belinda to be a superb trainer, she has run several course for me for teachers groups and headteachers both in Gloucestershire and Bristol. Her approach is humorous and cheerful whilst always keeping a focus on the message.

Belinda ran a staff well-being day for Haresfield Primary which was well-received and beneficial to all staff.

Belinda ran a session for Headteachers in South Bristol on their own personal well-being as well as that of staff.